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MICKEY D's' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

bomb the twist

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[December 19. 9:14 pm]
there's a new livejournal in town.


she's willing.
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[December 08. 6:11 pm]
I wish I were a Sim. That way, all it would take to maximize my skills in logic, creativity, body, charsima, cooking, and mechanics would be a fews hours of human time; as well as repetitious mouse clicks and a kickass native tounge.

Coma-lan shnada?
There's only one other person I can talk Sim with. Today, I made his day in a way I had no control over. That's an awesome feeling.

Note to self, and all those who you care about: Surprising people in the least expected places and ways is the best way to show you care. It's all about spontaneous acts. That's all. Hint: These acts should not put you or anyone around you in danger. That's just...wrong.


Also, don't describe someone as terrific. It may be taken as an insult. Even if the word has two meanings, it's just not right.
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[December 07. 9:08 pm]
Quit the shenanigans and just be my friend.

Hello, my name is Mikaila and I can spell. Is that not good enough?

The holidays are currently filling me with cheer. The current is not ever-lasting. Maybe this year. I want everyone I know to have a Christmas December present from me. Better get started. I think I'll play Santa this year. You'd love me for that :D

Things like that ^^ make me cheer-y, too.

Don't forget about my spelling.

Oh yes, before I forget: If I know you, and even if I don't, tell me what you want for Christmas/Hanukkah for the month of December.
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what's new pussycat? [December 05. 9:03 pm]
The Life and Death of Peter Sellers.
It's not TV. It's HBO.

Ah, screw the drama, I'm hella excited.
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[November 22. 7:39 pm]
Alright, it's final. My concentration has finally been decided:

Fashionable women during the 1920s.
Simple, but broad enough for me to explore and develope. Yippee!

I just said Yippee.
Something is not right.

Something is quite wrong.
No, I'm not singing.
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[November 03. 10:08 am]
Looks like four more years of hell.
I smell some scandals.

And the fucking stink.

I thought we formed America to escape England' theocracy?
We are a government that is not ruled by religion. Atleast, we were supposed to be.
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[August 29. 8:45 pm]

rot gwbush.
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[August 06. 2:42 pm]

you know.

add me first.
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